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What is a cookie and why do we use them?
A cookie is a small text file (data) that we (or third party) request your browser to store on your computer’s hard drive, smartphone or other device (jointly “devices”), when you visit or browse our website. We use cookies on our website to remember your actions and devices for when you visit the website later.
A cookie is not a program and contains only text.  A cookie does not contain virus.

Our Cookies
We use the following cookies on our website for the following purposes:

Performance cookies

We use performance cookies that allow our website to remember specific individual information; they change the way the website looks when you visit it, such as your preferred language, country or region and choice of member package.

Statistics cookies

Statistics cookies help us understand how visitors use our website. This information is collected anonymously.

You are able to influence on the use of cookies on our website

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You are always entitled to decline our use of cookies by changing your browser settings. The necessary changes to the browser settings depends on which browser you use. Please note that by declining cookies toy may lose some features and services on our website, as these require that the website monitors and stores your choices.

Delete cookies
You are always entitled to delete previously accepted cookies. To see how click on the relevant link below:
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