Specifications and application

  • Weight: 2g
  • Material: Rubber

Because the S-120 cartridge uses an asymmetric suspension, it has different physical characteristics than other conventional DJ cartridges on the market. Although all cartridges require break-in to reach their rated performance, the S-120 relies more heavily on this process. This is because the suspension is designed to provide an extraordinary level of flexibility in the horizontal plane while still remaining extremely rigid in the vertical plane.  We recommend 50 break-in hours of DJ use for optimal performance, but if this is not possible, we recommend try leaving the cartridge sitting on a stationary record at maximum tracking force during times the turntable is not in use.  
NB: We do not recommend allowing the stylus to play the lead-out groove for these hours as this will leave significant residue on the diamond.

Make sure you can achieve 4g tracking force, otherwise it will skip. Remove auxiliary weight form the rear of the tonearm to increase tracking force. Apply 4.75 g tracking force only during break-in process. After 20-50 hours of use, you may decrease to 4 grams.
Use additional rubber weight for Concorde or addition weight in brass for OM (additional weights are supplied with the S-120 TWIN package).