High quality solutions for precise sound reproduction combined with a modern aesthetic

Ortofon AS-212S 9" static-balance tonearm

Ortofon’s AS series static-balance tonearms feature high quality materials and construction, combined with a nod to analog’s past, for precise sound reproduction combined with a modern-vintage aesthetic.

The AS Series tonearms can be used for a wide array of cartridges, feature anti-skating control.

Download the AS-212S 9" Userguide here

Download AS-212S / AS-309S Mounting template here

Please note: The AS-212S, AS-309S, RS-212D and RS-309D tonearms have a Japanese geometry, which will not directly fit the normal Baerwald alignment. Baerwald alignment has a zero tracking angle error at 66mm and 120.9 mm distance from the center of the platter.

Please read our recommendations for alignment of RS and AS tonearm models here.

AS-212S 9" tonearm Technical data

Effective mass (without headshell): 3.5 g
Effective length (distance between the stylus and pivot point): 231mm
Mounting distance between the pivot point and turntable center): 216mm
Offset angle: 22 degrees
Overhang: 15mm
Inner null point: 58,5 mm
Outer null point: 114,5 mm

Tracking force adjusting range ( direct reading)  - 0 to 5g
Height adjustment range  - 35mm to 55mm
Diameter of the armbase mounting hole  -  19mm to 20mm
Diameter of center shaft  - 18mm  
Optional counterweight for heavier cartridge between 26 and 38 grams is available