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Watch Ortofon DJ Tutorials

Watch Ortofon DJ Tutorials

Learn the basics of how to DJ
Ortofon teamed up with DJ ND to produce series of Scratch tutorials

Ortofon teamed up with DJ ND to produce series of Scratch tutorials

We share advanced personal combos with you
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View the DJ Product catalogue featuring Concorde MkII series

Learn more about the concept of analogue and three basic components of a cartridge:
•  The stylus that traces the record groove
•  The cantilever, the part on which the stylus is mounted
•  The generating system that converts the of stylus and the cantilever into electrical replicas of the sound, which can then be amplified and reproduced by the music system

Learn more about styli types, tracking force, frequency response and output. Find DJ cartridges' technical data, applications and description - these information will help you make a right choice and get the maximum benefit from your cartridge.

The catalogue is richly illustrated with the pictures of cartridges, slipmats, T-shirts and accessories.


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