Read the interview with Jose Rodríguez - one of Europe’s hottest scratchers

Based in Malaga, this kid of the 80’s is what we like about DJs: he is in love with music.

A real passionate IDA Spain Scratch 2017 Champion, Wild Cuts 2018 Champion and Clash Of The Titans 2018 Spain Champion, Jose Rodríguez is now connecting with the Ortofon Spanish-speaking DJ community.

Interviewed by DJ ND


DJ ND: Jose, you're a scratch lover, born in the 80's, living in Malaga? What else should we know about you?
- I started spinning in 2000. But when I saw the documentary “Scratch”, I stepped into the scratch game and got in touch with the whole culture around it. Currently, I’m playing in clubs in the South of Spain and I’m working for dj brands, especially Ortofon with who I have a close relation.

DJ ND: You freshly won the Wild Cuts world online portable battle. How does that feel a couple of months after winning the Spanish IDA (Scratch category)?
- I was very happy to win the competition because i love to practice on my portable turntable. Also, I was 2nd in 2015 and I wanted to go for the win this year.

DJ ND: You're very into the portablist movement? How do you explain the success of this new trend?
- Today, people have the opportunity to scratch wherever they want. That’s the main asset, that’s what dj’s love! You can meet up with friends for a Jam in the location of your choice. And it’s also an affordable way to enter the world of scratching.


DJ ND: We know you're a geek when it comes to customizing your portable turntables. Can you explain what you use and which transformations you did on your machine?
- (LOL). It’s true. I started customizing my portable turntable with the help of some close friends as I couldn’t solder myself (and I still can’t). So now I have an integrated battery, a 3D-printed tone arm, an Ortofon GT cartridge, a Raidenfader RXI-F2, a bluetooth module for the beats, a start/stop button, ultrapitch and my plattern is stabilized.

DJ ND: How do you prepare yourself for these competitions? How many hours a day do you scratch?
- I always try to find new combo’s to not sound repetitive. Usually, I practice on the beat for a day and the day after I record myself. But it depends. When I’m preparing a routine or practicing for a battle, I practice several hours a day.


DJ ND: Who are your main influences when it comes to scratchers and turntablists?
- Through the years, my influences evolved. First Q.Bert and D-Styles were big influences. Than Netik, Rafik, Kurteek and Deska (now Aociz), R-Ash. My favorite scratcher for the moment is DJ IQ.

 What is your favorite routine of all times?
- Wow, that’s a good question. Technically, “Beware of the Average Man” by Dj Unkut is a masterpiece. It’s very aggressive and Unkut is as precise as a Swiss watch.

DJ ND: You started working for Ortofon in January 2018. What's your job about?
- I’m responsible for the maintenance of the Spanish facebook page “Ortofon en Español” and I’m helping the company the best I can when it comes to advice on products, market approach…


DJ ND: What do you think of the new Concorde MKII models? Which one is your favorite?
- All the models are just great. They have a more futuristic design, they are stronger and they gather all the technology which for Ortofon is well known. My favorite ones are the Scratch with the orange finger lift.

DJ ND: Answer with one word: Q.Bert or D-Styles? - D-Styles
Scratching or beatjuggling? - Scratching
Scratching or mixing? - Scratching
Portablism or tunrtablism? - Turntablism

DJ ND: One sentence to motivate young dj's to start scratching?
- Music is better if you can touch it.

DJ ND: One last word for the Ortofon customers?
- Vinyl lovers! Keep scratching! Peace :)


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