Learn the basics of how to DJ

Watch Ortofon DJ Tutorial videos, that will help you become a better DJ

DJ Tutorial 1

Turntable legend DJ Rafik explains how to adjust the weight on your turntable.

DJ Tutorial 2

DJ Rafik explains how to set up antiskating & tonearmheight.

DJ Tutorial 3

DJ Rafik explains how to change a stylus and how to take care of it 

DJ Tutorial 4

DJ Rafik explains how to avoid skipping problems 

DJ Tutorial 5

DJ ND shows how to replace a broken finger lift on the Concorde MkII

DJ Tutorial 6

Only getting one channel out of your cartridge?
DJ ND explains you how you can try to fix it.

DJ Tutorial 7

Are stylus interchangeable?
What is the difference between a spherical and an elliptical stylus?
DJ ND will tell you...

DJ Tutorial 8

Can Concorde cartridge be used on a straight-arm turntable?
DJ ND explains how it works.