MIX Tutorials

DJ MIX is one of the diciplines of DJing. MIX is a sequence of musical tracks typically mixed together to appear as one continuous track. 

DJ ND will explain the methods of mixing: house and trance DJs tend to aim for smooth blended mixes, while hip-hop DJs may use turntablism, scratching and other cutting techniques.

Mix #5

Ortofon MIX Tutorials #5

"Backspins & Juggles" 

In this tutorial, DJ ND explains how to introduce backspins & easy beat juggles into your dj set.

Weapon of choice: VNL

STEPYOURGAME UP - EP4 (Ortofon).png

Ortofon MIX Tutorials #4

"Funky drum pattern"

In this episode, you will learn to introduce a funky drum pattern into your live DJ performance.

Weapon of choice: VNL

MIX #3

Ortofon MIX Tutorials #3

"Acapella on a track with a faster BPM range"

In this episode, DJ ND explains how to add a funky scratch session into your DJ set. Not an easy mission, when you are scratching with an acapella on a track and with a faster BPM range.

Weapon of choice: Concorde Scratch MKII


Ortofon MIX Tutorials #2

"Acapellas as a transition"

DJ ND shares some "out of the box" mix technics to spice up your set. In this second episode, DJ ND explains how to use acapellas as a transition between 2 tracks.

Weapon of choice: VNL

Mix videos

Ortofon MIX Tutorials #1


DJ ND demonstrates how to use baby scratch on a kick and filters to spice up your DJ sets. 

Weapon of choice: VNL 


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