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VNL Scratch Freestyle by Jerome Scratch

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DJ Chell routine

DMC Scratch Routine by DJ CHELL

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Concorde SCRATCH x VNL Freestyle by DJ TMB & DJ Swordz

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VNL x CC Digital

DJ ND & DJ Odilon test the VNL & Concorde DIGITAL

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DJ ND's entry for the #PomegranateDjChallenge

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ADMC Touch it_portrait.jpg

DJ ADMC's new routine "Touch It"

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DJ Skillz routine_spot.png

DJ Skillz' new routine on "RNP" by YBN Cordae Feat

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ND Odilon.jpg

New routine by DJ ND & DJ Odilon

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Rafik inspects the Concorde production

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Jose Freestyle Concorde SCRATCH MKII_portrait.png (1)

Jose Rodriguez Freestyle with the Concorde SCRATCH MKII

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DJ Dysfunkshunal_portrait.png

DJ Dysfunkshunal: I Got The Moves final version

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DJ Odilon_portrait.png

DJ Odilon and TMB freestyling on the Collectable 8 looper

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Everchanging routine_01_portrait.png

DJ ND brings his "Everchanging" routine on the limited Concorde Digitrack

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DJ Netik portrait.png

Multiple World Champ DJ Netik is back with an exclusive routine

Check the speed and the amazing combo's

Former DMC champ Magicut brings a revisited version of a classic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Rafik 2017 august portrait.png

Multiple world champ aka dj Rafik is back with a powerfull routine.

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DJ FongFong portrait.png

Dj Fong Fong is back...

Check his "Derboukart" routine now!
Dj Jay-K routine_portrait.png

DJ Jay K new exclusive Routine

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DJ ND My Dawgs portrait.png

New "My Dawgs" routine by DJ ND (Belgium)

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DJ ND & Jose Rodriguez practicing portrait.png

DJ ND & Jose Rodriguez practicing in Brussels

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KurteeK Ortofon Demo portrait.png

NEW exclusive scratch routine by KURTEEK

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Ritchie Ruftone - Grape soda 500x500.png

New exclusive routine by Richie Ruftone #MadeFromScratch

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R-ASH portrait.png

R-ASH - Juicy DJ [Ortofon Concorde Demo]

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Kartezki portrait.png

EXCLUSIVE - Kartezki's "Anthem" routine

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DJ ND Freestyle on the Fear The Turntable

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DJ Magicut - Fugees routine portrait.png

DJ Magicut Fugees Routine

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DJ ND factory video portrait.png

DJ ND vs the Made From Scratch Concorde

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LigOne portrait.png

A-Trak - We All Fall Down feat. Jamie Lidell (LigOne Remix)

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DJ Unkut video portrait.png

Next level drum patterns by the legendary DJ UNKUT

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Odilon video portrait.png

DJ Odilon's new routine

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Fong Fong _02_portrait.png

New Scratch routine by DJ FONG FONG - amazing skills !

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9 oclock500x400.png

Mutliple World Champs 9 O'clock from France performing their winning DMC set

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DJ Rodriguez picture

One of Spain's best scratchers aka DJ Jose Rodriguez

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DJ Madfingaz picture

DJ Madfingaz showcasing his "Lucky Bastid" routine 2015

watch the routine
Together picture

DJ ND, Pierrick Kartez & Chris Roland represent the video feat TOGETHER

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DJ Rayd picture

DJ Ray-D Showcasing Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert

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DJ Unkut picture

DJ Unkut - Just Ask Routine

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Fong fong picture

DJ Fong Fong showcasing the Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert

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Aociz Scratch Freestyle picture

Aociz Scratch Freestyle Powered by Ortofon

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Kartez Aah Beat picture

Kartez Monday's Aah Beat Beef Take by Odilon

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DJ Magicut picture

DJ Magicut Scratch routine

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DJ ND Scratch free style picture

Scratch Freestyle by DJ ND

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Q.Bert drumming routine picture

DJ Q.Bert Drumming Routine for Ortofon DJ Tutorial

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Esquire picture

Scratch freestyle by DJ Esquire

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DJ ND Storm picture

DJ ND the 5 x Belgian DMC Champion shows his class

Watch the Storm video

Historical videos and interviews

Netik picture.png

Tales From The Crate - Interview with DJ Netik

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Q.Bert Scratch Uni AAH picture

Q.Bert Scratch University: AAH

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Graded DMC routine picture

DJ Graded DMC Denmark Champion's DMC routine

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DJ Fly S-120 picture.png

DJ Fly presents the Ortofon-Serato S-120

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Pulpalicious S-120 picture

DJ Pulpalicious showcasing the S-120

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Dj Fly Moby routine picture

DJ Fly - Moby routine

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Q.Bert Drumming experiments picture

DJ Q.Bert Scratch University: Drumming experiments

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Q.Bert Stretch before KungFu picture

DJ Q.Bert Scratch University: Stretch before KungFu

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DJ ND Made from Scratch picture.png

DJ ND presents his Made From Scratch routine

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DJ ND Misic in my mind picture.png


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DJ Fly routine picture.png

DJ Fly routine

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Q.Bert and Zeke picture.png

DJ Q.Bert and Zeke Scratch routine

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