Ortofon World Skratch Nerds Battle 2022

For the 3rd year in a row, Ortofon is launching the online Skratch Nerds Battle.
Who would succeed DJ Barret & be the 3rd Ortofon Scratch World Champ?
The competition will start January 3rd 2022. Good luck!

This year you will find the loops on the SkratchNerds where you also have to upload your video. 

Choose between the 60 first beats from the first looper - New loops will be added for every round. Choose your beats and upload your freestyle video.

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The Skratch Battle Rules

 For each round:
- All the beats used in the battle have to come exclusively from the Ortofon Skratch Nerds 2022 loops available on the SkratchNerds
- Your video has to be shot in a proper angle and with enough light to ensure a good visibility.
- The sound has to be recorded with a good quality, directly from the mixer.
- Always start your video with the INTRO.
- Please send your videos in due time. Check out the Timetable of the competition below.
- Please wait until the judges would reveal the final results before you post the video on SOME.
- The usage of turntables or portables is mandatory (needles only, no controllers or other systems)
- Make sure your video is named correctly. Please upload it using the form available on the SkratchNerds

The Prizes

1st place
1 x Concorde MKII Scratch Twinbox (with exclusive Ortofon World Champ Edition Lay Out)
1 x 2M Black Cartridge (Exclusive HiFi model)
2 x Ortofon VNL Single package
1 x Concorde MKII Digital Twinbox
1 x Concorde MKII Mix Twinbox
2 x Pairs of Ortofon slipmats
5 x colored finger grips to personalize your concordes
Exclusive interview for the Ortofon DJ portal
Collaboration with Ortofon in 2022 (1 x exclusive routine for the brand)

2nd place
2 x Ortofon VNL Single package
1 x Twinbox Concorde Scratch
1 x Twinbox Concorde Digital
2 x Pairs of Ortofon slipmats

3rd place
2 x Ortofon VNL Single package
1 x Pair of Ortofon slipmats

4th place
1 x Ortofon VNL Single package
1 x Pair of Ortofon slipmats

The Battle Timetable

  • Janurary 3rd - Janurary 16th: 1st Round
  • Janurary 31th: announcment of the 24 DJs who go on for the final rounds
  • Janurary 31th - Februrary 13th: 2nd Round
  • Februrary 20th: announcement of the 8 DJs who go on for the 3rd round
  • February 21th - Marts 6th: 3rd Round
  • Marts 13th: announcement of the 4 DJs who go on for the 4th round
  • Marts 14th - Marts 20th: 4th Round
  • Marts 25th: announcement of the 2 DJs who go on for the finals
  • Marts 26th - April 3rd: Finals
  • April 3rd: Announcement of the winners

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