Ortofon is the world leader in the cartridge industry

Ortofon has always been a leading company in the field of sound reproduction. Founded in Copenhagen in 1918, Ortofon started by creating technology which served as the basis for adding a soundtrack to the silent movies of the early 1920s. In 1948, the company developed the first moving coil cartridge, and since then Ortofon has developed and manufactured more than 300 different cartridges.

In 1979 the famous Concorde design was introduced, earning the company a Danish Industrial Design Award for its Low Mass Concorde integrated cartridge/headshell configuration.

In the mid of 1980-ies Ortofon began to develop and manufacture DJ cartridges for Club, Hip-hop and Scratch application.

Ortofon Concorde time-line 1984-2015

Concorde Pro and OM Pro introduced in 1984

Concorde DJ S and OM DJ S came in 1995

Concorde Scratch introduced in 1999

Concorde Q.Bert Thud Rumble came in 2003

Ortofon is involved in local sponsorships in cooperation with local Ortofon partners, sponsorships of DJ schools and DJs.
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Today Ortofon is the world leader in cartridges, both HiFi and DJ

This is the result of combining design with technology and the highest level of engineering in the audio industry. Acoustics, materials technology and micro mechanics are key competences in Ortofon´s technological prowess.

Ortofon has its research and manufacturing facilities in Denmark; the production of cartridges and components is carried out at the company's factory in Nakskov, Denmark.

Ortofon is today recognized among consumers and industry professionals as a quality brand.

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Learn more about the concept of analogue and three basic components of a cartridge:
•  The stylus that traces the record groove,
•  The cantilever, the part on which the stylus is mounted,
•  The generating system that converts the of stylus and the cantilever into electrical replicas of the sound, which can then be amplified and reproduced by the music system.t

Learn more about styli types, tracking force, frequency response and output. Find DJ cartridges' technical data, applications and description - these information will help you make a right choice and get the maximum benefit from your cartridge.

The catalogue is richly illustrated with the pictures of cartridges, headshells, slipmats, DJ Gear bag and DJ accessories.

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