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Styli interchangeability

Physically each series of Concorde MkI stylus, except for S-120, will fit on alternate cartridge bodies. However, these combinations are not supported by Ortofon, as each cartridge series is designed with a synergistic combination in mind - that is, each stylus is made to compliment the magnet and coil configuration of each cartridge body. For instance, using a DigiTrack stylus with a Scratch body will not provide the full benefit of either product, and might even provide undesired results, including (but not limited to) differences in output, unbalanced sound reproduction, etc. In the case of the NightClub (mkI, MkII) and DJ series cartridges, it is perfectly alright to use the respective S (spherical) or E (elliptical) version stylus. The cartridge bodies are designed to accommodate either of the respective series' stylus types.


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