Ortofon phone cartridges concentrate not only on providing the best sound, but more importantly the faithful and correct representation of the recorded sound

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Moving Magnets

Ortofon has designed and manufactured magnetic cartridges since 1969. In providing an economic alternative to the renowned Ortofon moving coil cartridges, the magnetic models have established a firm position for themselves among music lovers and audiophiles all over the world.

Sophisticated styli, light and rigid cantilevers, and advanced magnetic circuitry have produced a level of quality which is state-of-the-art within the magnetic category.

Moving Coils

Nothing demonstrates Ortofon's long-standing resilience more than its commitment to the refinement of analogue sound quality and its continued development of new cartridge's models. Since 1948 Ortofon has introduced more than 300 different MC models, with our latest being the MC Diamond. 

Contrary to other types of phono catridges, the moving coil principle is not suited for mass production. Each of the four coils contains between 11 and 24 turns of wire, depending on model, and has to be wound by hand under a microscope.

The high degree of craftsmanship involved is one of the "secrets" behind Ortofon's reputation.

SPU cartridges

Ortofon’s SPU cartridges continue the tradition of the first ever Moving Coil cartridges as originally engineered by Mr. Robert Gudmandsen and produced by Ortofon in the late 1950s.

Praised for their refined linearity and full body, these cartridges have remained a favourite throughout the years, both for modern and vintage high-end applications.

True Mono cartridges

Many music lovers still have a lot of mono records in their collections. Many mono records first issued in the 1950s and 60s have also been reissued during the last years.

One the most significant things happened on the mono frontier was the release of the Beatles mono box in September 2014. Ortofon 2M Mono Special Edition cartridge was specifically created as a tribute to the Mono Beatles albums Set. The Beatles have an important place in many music lovers’ hearts and Ortofon is honoured to ensure  high quality, modern replay from the new Mono Box Set.

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