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Entering the second century of
accuracy in sound

103 years of continuous innovation

Ortofon’s world-class engineering and manufacturing continually raise the bar for accurate sound reproduction, with a vast array of products that provide both exceptionally high performance and value for all listeners – music lovers and high-end audiophiles alike.

Our products concentrate not only on providing the best sound, but more importantly the faithful and correct reproduction of recorded sound.

By using our deep knowledge of acoustics and materials, we have developed acclaimed product ranges of a wide range of Phono cartridges, High-end audio cables, Tonearms and Accessories.


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We apply new technologies that are specifically product related

Acoustics, materials, technology and micro-mechanics are key competences in the technological process of Ortofon. 
Reflecting our extensive experience in industrial design and technological know-how, we have become the global leader in the manufacture and supply of phono cartridges. The first moving coil phono cartridge was developed in 1948, since then more than 300 different phono cartridges have been developed and manufactured with our latest being 
MC Anna Diamond Exclusive phono cartridge.
We benefit from being established in Denmark, a country recognized for its strong tradition in acoustics and its wealth of other high-end manufacturers, who make hearing aids and acoustic measurement equipment, in addition to all aspects of high-end audio.
Ortofon has been awarded numerous distinctions for both sound quality and design throughout its extensive history.

Announcing foundation of the Vinyl Alliance Association

Vienna, February 04, 2020

The Vinyl Alliance is a new industry organization dedicated to promoting awareness of vinyl records and composed of manufacturers, dealers, record companies and other interested parties.
The goal of the Vinyl Alliance is to strengthen the position of vinyl records in a digital world. The Association will offer global visibility and valuable services to the industry as a whole, as well as to its members, by pooling resources in research, quality and marketing activities.

Please download Press Release here


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The Vinyl Alliance board members

The Vinyl Alliance members represent all aspects of the value chain and include companies like the Analogue Foundation, Audio-Technica, CAF srl, GZ Media, Rebeat Innovation, kdg mediatech, Making Vinyl, Masterdisk, MPO Group, Ortofon, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group.
During the Vinyl Alliance Founders Meeting in New York City on 22 January 2020 the new Executive Board members were elected.

Board members, from the left to the right → : 
Board Member Kurt Van Scoy, Audio-Technica
Board Member Nike Koch, Sony Music Entertainment
Board Member Leif Johannsen, Chief Acoustics and Development, Ortofon A/S
President Günter Loibl, Rebeat Innovation GmbH
Treasurer Thomas Neuroth, Rebeat Innovation GmbH
Secretary Mickie Steier, Masterdisk USA
Vice President Michael Hosp, kdg mediatech GmbH


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