Replacement styli for Ortofon Moving Magnet cartridges

Ortofon Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges can be serviced by replacing the stylus.

Please be aware that some companies are selling compatible styli without making it clear, they are not made by Ortofon. In other words they are suggesting styli are genuine Ortofon, when they are not. Ortofon original styli are recognisable by Ortofon logo printed on the stylus body.

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How to replace a stylus:

Firstly lock the turntable tone arm, unscrew the cartridge, gently remove the stylus from the cartridge body and insert a new stylus. A stylus is changed usually by pulling straight out and in the opposite direction of the turntable's arm. If the stylus doesn't come with direction, try these: with one hand, hold the cartridge to steady it. With the other hand grasp the stylus from both sides and pull. Install the new stylus. Holding the stylus from the top, press it gently into the space at the tip of the cartridge where the old stylus had been. Don't force it.


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