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Ortofon Treasure Trove concept

We have a number of excellent products that cannot be sold on a regular basis. These products are refurbished products, means they are not factory new, but have been repaired under warranty, have been used either for DEMOs, product training, reviews or other purposes.

These products may be discontinued products or from a current product line. They will appear on an irregular basis and in small numbers on Ortofon e-shop Treasure Trove. We think these products should come out and create music instead of going into the dustbin!

These products have been refurbished and tested, and Ortofon Test certificate will be provided along the delivered product.

We are selling these products directly on our e-shop and not through our dealer network for several reasons. Treasure trove products are special products delivered at special prices, in special packaging and they are of irregular supply. That would be very complicated and time-consuming to organize delivery of that small number of special products through our dealer network. Selling directly via factory shop we can assure the products are treated as we want them to be in a simple and easy manner.

We shall inform our HiFi Newsletter Subscribers, when the products are available on the Ortofon webshop.

Treasure Trove offers cannot be combined with any other offers or services.

The Treasure trove products are delivered in special packaging for refurbished products. The refurbished cartridges come in Ortofon cardboard outer boxes. The cartridges are screwed to a plastic base and securely protected by a push-on clear cover. Ortofon stylus carbon brush, mini screwdriver and a pair of mounting screws included the package.

NB: Order limits - only one Treasure trove product per customer.


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