Ortofon is a unique mixture of heritage and modern technology

New technology can take various forms, e.g. now we systematically use computer simulation when developing new cartridges, and we consider computer simulation to be a fantastic tool for the selection of components and the devising of the magnetic fields.

Ortofon has a long history and a rich heritage, but the most important point is to have something to offer today’s consumer.


Ortofon embraces the power of automation technology

Companies that master the frontiers of emerging technologies will dominate their industries. Once again Ortofon demonstrates the company’s technological prowess and persistent pursuit of innovation, having acquired an advanced automated line for Moving Magnet styli assembly.

Making the replacement styli using automatic assembly allows for more precise component assembly, uniform industrial manufacturing process and better acoustic performance of the product.

Watch this amazing video: it not only shows the automated production process of the 2M Red replacement stylus step-by-step, but also reveals the complexity of the stylus design and assembly. 

3D print production prize_01

Selective Laser Melting manufacturing technique

We look at new technologies that are specifically product related, such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM) manufacturing technique.

The SLM has been applied to our SPU A90, MC A90, Xpression, MC Anna, SPU A95, MC A95, MC Windfleld Ti, MC Century and our latest one MC Anna Diamond, the bodies of which have an individual texture completely impervious to resonance.

January 29th 2015 Ortofon received the DTI 3D Print Series Production Prize 2015. The award is granted in recognition of Ortofon's achievements in applying the new technology in the industrial production. Watch the video.

TA-210 tube with inserts.jpg

Key competences in the technological process of Ortofon

Our extensive knowledge of vibration properties and characteristics in different shapes and materials has been applied for optimization of cartridges and tonearms, e.g. TA-210.

The TA-210 is given a precision machined slit in each end of the aluminum tube. A piece of Ortofon special vibration damping compound is integrated into each slit: Rubber inserts with high vibration damping properties and Special proprietary TPE compound with excellent damping properties are integrated respectively in the bottom and top slit of the arm tube. Due to these two different materials an extended damping effect is obtained in the largest possible range.

BC 81 opened.jpg

Ortofon core competences in acoustics and micromechanics are ideally suited to the manufacture of bone conductors

Bone conductor is a small vibrator connected to a hearing aid. A bone conductor produces vibrations that are transmitted through the skull to the inner ear where it is perceived as sound.

A bone conductor is a product that requires a very high level of micro-mechanical precision to obtain a uniform quality.

micromechanical assembly_04.png

The industrial capacity

The industrial capacity of Ortofon is based on specially designed machines, that produce small precision components for our cartridges, that in turn have several advantages: we have the volume capacity and we can produce a large number of cartridges with a relatively short lead time.

By applying reproducable measuring techniques we achieve the uniform quality necessary for the industrial production.

Finally we have a portfolio of suppliers and technological partners, with whom we exchange information, troubleshoot and solve problems, in order to constantly hone our skills and be able to address new challenges.

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