The SLM manufacturing technique

In 2008 Ortofon pioneered the new Selective Laser Melting technology that is specifically product related

The SPU 90th Anniversary and the MC A90 phono cartridges were thought as a celebration of a significant milestone in the Ortofon history and was the result of a of exhaustive research led by Ortofon’s Chief Officer of Acoustic and Technology, Leif Johannsen. The research incorporated the technological heritage of Ortofon with the new manufacturing technology called Rapid Manufacturing (RM).

The cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute originally began with experiments with the production of plastic items for cartridges in the Selective Laser Melting machine using the new RM technology. RM allows manufacture parts in different materials directly from 3D file. The RM technology has given us a bigger creative designing space, because we are no longer limited by a particular geometric shape. We do not produce tools, which means that the production process is reduced to a few weeks where it before took between 4 to 6 months. The time factor means that we can now try out our ideas, and it gives us an enormous amount of freedom.

A revolutionary customized Selective Laser Melting manufacturing procedure in which micro particles are laser-welded together, layer by layer, lies at the heart of the SPU A90 and the MC A90.

This high technology and high precision process eschews traditional techniques in order to provide an increased rigidity and body density, which gives an even bigger reduction of unwanted resonances while maintaining the exact figures for the cartridge mass.

SLM video.png

The consolidation of components

The SLM enables the consolidation of components to allow for a design devoid of unnecessary material. In this case, all of the essential components are built directly into the one-piece body, including the magnetic system (including the moving parts), the terminal block, and the silicone rubber wire guard.

The design has been strictly kept to only the crucial parts, creating a unique, distinctive aesthetic which is as functional as it is attractive.


3D print production prize_02

3D Print Series Production Prize 2015

January 29th 2015 Ortofon received the DTI 3D Print Series Production Prize 2015. The award is granted in recognition of Ortofon's achievements in applying the new technology in the industrial production.

We preserve our heritage by continuously investing in technology and product development and thus introducing new cartridges.


SLM is the 3D technology that is specifically product related

Xression 1000x1000.jpg

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