The MC Windfeld Ti - a moving coil phono cartridge in the absolute high-end class 

Our extensive knowledge of vibration properties, characteristics in different shapes and materials, competences in magnetism, mechanical design and new technologies has been applied for optimization of the MC Windfeld model. The MC Windfeld Ti has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge.

Those who choose to adopt the MC Windfeld Ti will experience the lifelike, dynamic and open sound, with exceedingly clear midrange. The MC Windfeld Ti remains extremely musical while paying close attention to micro dynamic details, with its delicate, but also analytical nature.


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Review quotes

LP Magazine, Germany
August 2021
By Holger Barske

"...The experienced developer and industrial designer Helmut Thiele presents his own the zero tracking error Tonearm Thiele TA01 with the Ortofon Winfeld Ti premounted. The Ortofon Winfeld Ti proves to be a direct hit under the TA01 headshell."

Titan Of The Track

May 2021
Reviewed by Noel Keywood

"With its titanium body and excellent tracking this high-end moving coil cartridge shows its mettle...

...In a suitable system ... the PW Ti is undoubtedly a moving coil of enormous ability and refinement, with powerful bass, superb clarity and filigree treble, all knit together into a coherent whole."

Verdict: Smooth and refined sound with great depth. Very high quality all round.
Analog Corner
December 2020
Reviewed by Michael Fremer

"...The Windfeld Ti is a high-performance cartridge that extracts and provides a great deal of detail, but it is not at all "analytical" or mechanical sounding. It's sort of the "Dockers" of high-performance Ortofons. The cartridge has a relatively sweet, lush midrange compared to the more detail-oriented Ortofons like the A95 and especially the new Anna Diamond. The Windfeld Ti is harmonically generous, with transients that are clean but don't bite..."

The Absolute Sound
Product of the year award

The Absolute Sound
January 2019

"...Sonically, the Ti allows a listener to play nearly every album in his  catalog without being bothered by any sins of commission. This ability to play whatever, whenever, is one of the MC Windfeld Ti's biggest assets. If you value high neutrality and high resolution, low coloration and low distortion, and tracking ability that rivals the best moving magnets, then this outstanding new moving coil is for you..."



The MC Windfeld Ti technology

The MC Windfeld Ti phono cartridge was introduced in 2017 as a continuous tribute to Ortofon's former engineer Mr. Windfeld and optimization of the MC Windfeld model launched in 2008.

At the heart of the MC Windfeld Ti lies Selective Laser Melting technology, apllied for manufacturing of the Ortofon Exclusives Series cartridges.
The use of Titanium in the MC Windfeld Ti has provided a further improvement to the overall rigidity of the structure and the cartridge weight. Obviously, MC Windfeld Ti has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge.

In this episode Leif Johannsen, the Ortofon's Chief Acoustics and Development, accurately compares the two MC Windfeld models with the focus on the benefits of the new technologies and materials.

MC Windfeld Ti side view.png

The mechanical integration of the MC Windfeld Ti

Historically, Ortofon has always followed its own path with regard to the mechanical design of the cartridge housing, because mechanical rigidity and total freedom from resonance in the audible range are a precondition for optimal sound quality.

In the MC Windfeld Ti the cartridge’s contact with the tonerarm takes place through three hard, well-defined contact points placed on the fastening section of the cartridge. This means that the mechanical integration of the cartridge and the tonearm arm are always absolutely perfect. 


Review quote
August 2017
Reviewed by Michael Fremer

"......the Windfeld Ti retained all of the sweetness and lushness of the original Windfeld - something that makes it special in Ortofon's line of mostly tonally neutral cartridges - which made it supremely pleasurable to listen twice...
... Tonally and texturally, the WIndfeld Ti reproduced massed strings as well as almost any other cartridge I've heard: light and gossamer where required, yet also able to dig in and grip...
...The original Windfeld was great for jazz and classic, and specially voices; so was the Windfeld MkII, and it added the dynamic slam to deliver orchestral music without making me wish there was more to give on big climaxes... one will be disappointed by the Windfeld Ti's reproduction of space: if they were on the recording, this cartridge delivered solid, three-dimensional images on wide, deep, stable soundstages. With a VTF of 2.3 gm, the Windfeld Ti tracked well everything I threw at it, especially sibilants..."

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Review quote

Absolute Analog
September 2018
By Andre Jennings

"...The MC Windfeld Ti is a well-ballanced cartridge within its performance envelope...

... In all cases, the cartridge installation proved to be straightforward without any unexpected set-up issues. Once alignment, azimuth, tracking force, and VTA/SRA were optimized, the MC Windfeld Ti met all of its stated specifications, including channel separation, channel balance, and frequency responce... ...Once dealed in, the MC Windfeld Ti tracked everything without any audible hint of distortion or mistracking...

...What you do get is a cartridge that performs well in all areas with nothing standing out; that is what most listeners want from a transducer. The exceptional part of this cartridge is that the listener can play nearly every album in its catalog and not be bothered by any off-putting sins of commission that make music listening uncomfortable. This ability to play whatever, whenever, is the MC Windfeld Ti's biggest asset. It's certainly worth a listen when well set up - and bring your albums with you when you do."




Review quote
December 2017
Review: David Price

"A decade ago, Ortofon paid homage to its retiring design chief with a pick-up bearing his name. A hard act to follow, this new successor has had more than a makeover.

For decades we have seen constant new thinking on cartridge body materials, with all kinds of wood, alloys and plastics used – and sometimes even skeletal designs with no conventional body at all. For the MC Windfeld Ti, Ortofon has chosen to stick with the alloy and stainless steel construction seen in its predecessor, but add a new inner structure made of titanium (hence the suffix), using a process the company calls Selective Laser Melting (SLM). First seen in 2008’s MC A90 [HFN Sep ’09], the idea is to present the strongest and most rigid cartridge assembly to the tonearm’s headshell. The thinking is that any lost energy here can never be recovered, resulting in a diminution of dynamics and detail. The unique SLM process welds fine particles of titanium together, layer upon layer, to construct a single piece body devoid of extraneous material, says Ortofon. The technique is claimed to give precise control of the density of the body material, allowing for extremely high internal damping. The result is a lighter, quieter and yet more rigid cartridge compared to its already sturdy predecessor.

There’s no shortage of high-end moving-coil cartridges and to earn its rightful place the Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti has to offer a distinctive proposition to buyers. This it does in no uncertain terms – it has power, scale, precision and poise, while never being an overly ‘showy’ performer. It serves up a ‘matter of fact’ sound in a more compelling way than one might think possible, giving it an admirably wide appeal."


MC Windfeld Ti bottom view.png

Flexibility and performance with a range of compatibility

With optimized weight and moderate compliance to suit the majority of modern tonearms, the MC Windfeld Ti is easy compatible with an endless array of contemporary high-end turntable equipment, including the Ortofon TA-210 and TA-110 tonearms.

A low output impedance of 7 ohm and a medium output voltage of 0.2 mV makes the Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti a perfect partner for most MC pre-amps as well as step-up transformers, including the Ortofon ST-80 SE

When combined with Ortofon’s world-class knowledge in analogue sound reproduction, The MC Windfeld Ti will undoubtedly provide sound which is literally unsurpassed and simply has to be experienced.

MC Windfeld Ti is available through Ortofon Authorised HiFi dealers. Our authorized dealers have comprehensive knowledge and experience in use of Ortofon products and associated equipment, offer high standard customer service and comply with Ortofon Aftersales.

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