Ortofon Bone Conductors

The Ortofon Bone Conductor expands your sense register, allowing you to feel sound and its versatility in different environments and within a wide range of applications.

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Enhance your hearing

The Ortofon BC transducers are small vibrators developed on bone conduction principle. The BC transducer turns sound into vibrations, conducts vibrations through the bones of the skull to the inner ear where they are detected and perceived as sound.

Being an alternative source of sound, the Ortofon BC transducer generates sound without blocking out environment information, provides freedom of movement and safe work place.

The Ortofon Bone Conductor expands your sense register, allowing you to feel sound and its versatility in different environments and within a wide range of applications, e.g. hearing aids, communication, entertainment, outdoor activities, wearables and gadgets.

Conveying sound through bone vibration has a wide range of applications in private, public and industrial sectors:

Hearing aids: implants, hearing aid headbands, hearing glasses devices.
Communication: Two-way communication, telecom, under water communication, high-noise environments
Virtual Reality (VR), gaming, headphones.
Wearables and gadgets: hands-free headsets or headphones, VR, eyeglasses, headlamps.
Helmets for sports, safety and work:
bike, scooter, motorcycle, skiing, football, diving, outdoor, industrial, military, rescue etc.

We apply process-metrology in micro mechanical assembly of Bone Conductors

A bone conductor is a product that requires a very high level of fine mechanical precision to obtain a uniform quality. Ortofon core competences in acoustics and micromechanics are ideally suited to the manufacture of bone conductors.

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Appying ultrasonic welding in BC assembly process

Production at Ortofon is automated and set up with purpose-built precision machines. To obtain uniform quality and a high level of mechanical precision, we apply ultrasonic welding technique for Bone conductor assembly.

Advantages of a ultrasonic welding:
Ultrasonic welding is the clean, fast and reliable method of joining Bone conductor's parts. The process is very quick, typically less than a second and provides much more precise control of heating than for most other welding processes.

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The BEST bone conductor design

Our competences in magnetics, acoustics, simulation, materials and micro mechanical assembly put Ortofon in a unique position to add value to the Balanced Electromagnetics Separation Transducer (BEST) bone conductor design. Ortofon is a holder of the BEST license with commercial rights for most applications outside the diagnostic field of audiology.

Currently Ortofon is producing 2 types of bone conductors using the BEST principle:

More products are under developments and we can also offer customized solutions. The BEST motor has a number of parameters that can be changed according to customer need or performance, read more here.


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