Bone vibrators in general

A bone-anchored hearing aid or bone-anchored hearing device is a type of hearing aid based on bone conduction.

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Bone conductor is a small vibrator connected to a hearing aid

A bone conductor produces vibrations that are transmitted through the skull to the inner ear, where they are perceived as sound.

Ortofon Bone Conductor is a very powerful and very robust device featuring:
• High maximum output
• Low distortion
• High sensitivity
• Very robust product
• Moderate power consumption
• Sensitivity: 118 dB re.1 µN @ 1 Vrms & 1 kHz

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Bone vibrator is supposed to be pressed against a reasonable hard part of the human head

Bone vibrator is a vibration device which is supposed to be pressed against a reasonable hard part of the human head, which could be the forehead or more common the mastoid, a bone right behind the ear and therefore close to the hearing organs inside the head.

The vibrations will be transmitted through the bones to the inner ear where they are detected.

The bone vibrator should be held firmly into place on the head by a headband, by glasses or build into a hat/helmet of some sort.

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Bone Conductors versions and applications

The audiometric version is used in hearing clinics in combination with headphones to check function of middle ear/inner ear separately, as the vibration short circuits the middle ear and goes directly to the inner ear.

The conventional version is used to transmit speech, music, signals to the inner ear. A bone vibrator can therefore be part of a hearing aid when the patient has problems with the middle ear. The conventional version that Ortofon is offering at the moment is not designed for hearing aids but for transmitting music and speech.

Bone vibrators are also used when you want to keep the hearing canal free to hear what goes on around you and at the same time hearing e.g. communication through the bone vibrator.


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