HINMICO project 2013-2016

Ortofon A/S and DTU Mechanical Engineering have been working in close collaboration to develop the HINMICO micro-factory concept

The HINMICO project within the Seventh Framework Programme successfully completed in 2016

The objective of the HINMICO project has been the development and optimization of manufacturing processes for the mass production of multi-material functional micro-components in order to obtain cost effective manufacturing of high added value products for applications within health, communications, audio equipment and automotive (non-silicon microsystems and micro/nano-structured components).

By the integration of high-throughput replication (overmoulding/inmould assembly/packaging) processes, including high precision handling, on-line monitoring, product on-line quality control technologies and back-end processes, the manufacturing costs can be reduced for up to 40%.

The HINMICO project final outcome has enabled Ortofon to produce high quality multi-material micro-components through more integrated, efficient and cheaper process chains. The results of the project has contributed to some of the European Standards.

Collaboration between Ortofon A/S and DTU Mechanical Engineering

In 2013 DTU Mechanical Engineering received a funding of 2.6 million kr. from the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) to work with the HINMICO project. DTU Mechanical Engineering, Section for Manufacturing Engineering, has contributed to HINMICO with expertise in the fields of process chain design, micro moulding process development and monitoring, quality control and metrology.

Ortofon A/S and DTU Mechanical Engineering has been working  in close collaboration to develop the HINMICO new micro-factory concept.

New micro-factory machine

HINMICO has developed a new micro factory machine which integrates mass production of multi-material products, micro injection moulding, automated micro assembly, in-line 3D quality control and inspection, process monitoring and 100% total quality micro manufacturing.

Precision engineering, surface quality and the interaction between the different materials of the products have been important areas of focus and investigation.

Within the HINMICO programme Ortofon has been focusing on following processes:

  • micro-insert moulding
  • micro-overmoulding
  • 3D scanning
  • measuring

The target has been to achieve the uniform quality of micro-components necessary for the industrial production.

Improving the existing technologies

Production of high quality micro-components with several materials integrated is the functionality that brings an additional value to the production chain. Industrial production goes faster, has become more robust, consistent and more economical.

Currently a range of stand-alone technologies are available e.g.: 2K and 3K injection molding, 3D and measurement scanning and robot assembly. The HINMICO project has given the opportunity to improve the existing technologies by integrating the stand-alone technologies in the production and thus achieve more streamlined and uniform industrial process.

← The MicroPower machine for micro injection moulding

The benefits of integrated moulding and assembly technology

By applying the new technology Ortofon is now able to manufacture new complicated micro-components, and as an integral part of the production process performs 100% uniform advanced measurements.

The benefits  of integrated moulding and assembly technology are:
•  High precision micro molding
•  Ability to process own developed rubber compound, TPE´s and plastics
•  Insert and overmolding of micro parts
•  Advanced vision and 3D scanning technology

The outcome of the HINMICO project

Ortofon has contributed to HINMICO by investing in the new production equipment and, in cooperation with DTU Mechanical Engineering, by developing and verifying the new micro-moulding, measurement and quality control processes.

The HINMICO project final results have enabled Ortofon to produce micro-components for consumer market and hearing aid industry by applying the new "integrated moulding and assembly" technology.

Please read more about the outcome of this scientific collaboration. 

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