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The Ortofon brand is widely recognized among industry professionals.
Our company has a global customer base within the medical and hearing aid industries.

Ortofon Technology partners

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An extensive global network of technology partners

Our company has a solid industrial background. Importantly, we have developed an extensive global network of technology partners with whom we exchange information, troubleshoot and solve problems, in order to constantly hone our skills and be able to address new challenges.

• Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
• Professor Bo Håkansson and Osseofon AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
• National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) Sydney, Australia
• Technical University of Denmark

Our technology platform allows us to continuously optimise quality and expand production portfolio of small precision items and hearing aid components in accordance with the needs of the markets.

Customers and Industry association

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Creating value for our customers

Customer satisfaction is the best recommendation for a company. Ortofon has a long track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of precision-engineering solutions.

Our company offers clients production of customised precision components, as well as advice and sparring in the pre-production phase. Thus Ortofon not only acts as a sub-supplier but also as a partner offering technology, second opinions and extra resources for project management or product development.

• Sonion, Denmark
• Sonova, Switzerland
• Laerdal Medical AS, Norway
• Interacoustics A/S, Denmark
• Medico Industry association, Denmark
• Radiometer Medical ApS, Denmark

Ortofon is focused on customer service par excellence.
The key benefit of working with our company is high level support for our customers.


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We are able to custom-made high-precision TPE and Technical Rubber components according to the customers’ specifications, which includes 3D drawing and material specifications.

Please see our Technical Rubber compounds database and the TPE compounds database.

Please read more about Ortofon Rubber production capacity and technologies applied and Ortofon Micro Injection Molding production.

Please send your inquiry to support@ortofon.dk. We treat all inquiries confidentially and aim to respond to queries within 24 hours of receipt.