The cornerstones of Ortofon's technology platform

A solid industrial background, expertise in acoustics, magnetism, materials, TPE and Technical Rubber compounds and micro assembly are the cornerstones of Ortofon's technology platform.
Ortofon is ISO 13485 certified with a scope: Manufacturing of components in plastic, rubber and metal for the medical device industry and manufacturing of Bone Conductors.

Modern machinery combined with experienced operators

Production at Ortofon is automated and set up with purpose-built precision machines. Production is carried out by competent operators, so human craftsmanship is delivered with uniform industrial quality.

Our experienced operators and technicians operate and service the machines, including Arburg and Battenfeld MicroPower machines equipped for micro injection moulding, as well as high precision CNC milling and laser welding machines.

A set-up with entry control, quality systems, planning and validation forms the basis of this industrial system, ensuring repeatability and reproducibility in the manufacturing processes.

← Battenfeld MicroPower machine  

Ortofon product portfolio

Our technology platform allows us to continuously optimise quality and expand product portfolio of small precision items.

Our product portfolio includes:
• Micro Injection Molding components
• Technical rubber components

It is our philosophy to constantly develop new products and new technologies thus renew and improve the product range in accordance with the needs of the markets. Research and development is done with the company's own engineers supported by a strong network of acoustic and technological know-how and industrial design in Denmark.

High precision CNC milling machine →

High Speed and micro-precision CNC milling

At Ortofon high-precision machining processes are integrated into the manufacturing processes.
High speed micro milling allows to obtain excellent geometric and dimensional tolerances.
4 axes machining centers are used for the high-precision machining of the most complex components.
Thanks to a finishing process, we are able to obtain a perfect surface finish for the product in question.

← Watch the video "High Speed and micro-precision CNC milling of the SPU Century phono cartridge's bottom plate".

Continuous Microtech innovation

We have developed an extensive global network of Suppliers and Technology partners with whom we exchange information, troubleshoot and solve problems, in order to constantly hone our skills and be able to address new challenges. The supplier portfolio has been developed over many years and is one of our most important assets. 
We look at new technologies that are specifically product related, such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM) manufacturing technique. Our competences in magnetics, acoustics, simulation, materials and micro mechanical assembly put Ortofon in a unique position to add value to the Balanced Electromagnetics Separation Transducer (BEST) bone conductor design. 

Watch the video "Applying High precision CNC laser welding in micro mechanical assembly of Bone conductors" →

Ortofon Technology partners


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We are able to custom-made high-precision TPE and Technical Rubber components according to the customers’ specifications, which includes 3D drawing and material specifications.

Please see our Technical Rubber compounds database and the TPE compounds database.

Please read more about Ortofon Rubber production capacity and technologies applied and Ortofon Micro Injection Molding production.

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