Ortofon provides services and solutions for high precision Micro Injection Molding (μIM) components

High quality production process, traceability of production and reliability of deliveries have always been the focus of Ortofon attention


The newest high precision technology

Innovative technologies, modern machinery park, experienced engineering team ensure effective and high quality production according to ISO 13485.
Our experienced operators and technicians operate and service Arburg conventional and Wittman/Battenfeld MicroPower 15 machines for μIM. We have the facilities necessary for manufacturing of high precision μIM components, including clean room modules.
Tooling is provided in co-operation with technology partners including high quality European toolshops, such as Wittner and DanTools.
On request we conduct mold validation.
Also, we design simple prototype molds and offer prototype 3D prints as well.
Additionally Ortofon provides partnership for compounds, as we work closely with European compound suppliers in order to develop and test new custom-made materials.

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Insert and overmolding of 3D multi-material functional μIM-components

The μIM is one of the most suitable micro manufacturing processes for flexible mass-production of multi-material functional μIM-components.
A unique manufacturing process with great potential for high precision mass-manufacturing of highly functional 3D multi-material μIM-components has been developed in close collaboration between Ortofon and DTU Mechanical Engineering.
Also, the correct metrology strategy implemented in the manufacturing process as a program routine to control quality of the μIM-components produced.
The μIM is executed on Witmann-Battenfeld Micro Power 15.

For more information please check our Scientific Papers database »

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Overmolding and ultrasonic welding

Ortofon developed and implemented an innovative production method enabling overmold of metal and plastic components in one mold concurrently, which made it possible to produce complex components eliminating certain assemblies. 

Conventional approach might look as following:
1. Injection of Plastic part 1
2. Press fit pin into part 1 (sub-assembly 1) 
3. Injection of Plastic part 2
4. Press fit spring into Plastic part 2 (sub-assembly 2) 
5. Ultrasonic welding of sub-assemblies 1 and 2 (sub-assembly 3) 
6. Injection of Plastic part 3
7. Ultrasonic welding of sub-assembly 3 and Plastic part 3

We have processed stages 1 and 3 concurrently. Sub-assemblies 2, 4 and 5 have been omitted since they are in-built into the mold and are processed during injection.

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Benefits of μIM precision production

• High precision mass-manufacturing of highly functional 3D multi-material
• Optimal micro part quality
• Effective product and process control
• Micro manufacturing on a mass production scale
• One-component and multi-material micro components
• High accuracy with tolerances in the micrometer range
• High quality production level according to ISO 13485

Please read our μIM brochure



Our company has a world-wide network of suppliers, customers and technology partners

We always strive to ensure an excellent quality of our products and consistency of supply.
The key benefit of working with our company on the manufacture of high precision TPE components is high level support for our customers.


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We are able to custom-made high-precision TPE and Technical Rubber components according to the customers’ specifications, which includes 3D drawing and material specifications.

Please see our Technical Rubber compounds database and the TPE compounds database.

Please read more about Ortofon Rubber production capacity and technologies applied and Ortofon Micro Injection Molding production.

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