From customer design to final product

Ortofon offers total solutions covering material definition, development and design of tooling equipment, samples production, test and evaluation of the final product

At Ortofon, we always strive to match the high quality of our products with high quality services

Accordingly, we offer our clients cradle to grave "total solutions" that cover initial design through to the manufacture of the product.

Once our clients has provided the construction material, we define the task and plan the project from start to finish, including following phases:

  • Purchase
  • Sample production
  • Assembly
  • Test
  • Serial production
  • Logistics
  • Dialog and coordination with compound suppliers

Ortofon's Total solutions in the field of tooling include:

  • Design
  • Input from Ortofon technicians
  • Coordination of the supply

Ortofon Project Management tools:

  • Flow Chart
  • Control Plan
  • Work Instructions
  • Processes & tools
  • Materials

Ortofon is ISO 13485 certified with a scope:

  • Manufacturing of components in plastic, rubber and metal for the medical device industry and manufacturing of Bone Conductors


Ortofon is focused on customer service par excellence.
The key benefit of working with our company is high level support for our customers.


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