Ortofon Reference 905 Silver Interconnect cable

Spectacular are Ortofon Reference 905 Silver interconnect cable's dynamic sound, its transparent, brilliant tonal quality, especially of piano, violin and other string instruments. It is truly a brilliant stellar performer - the epitome of the “Accuracy in Sound”.

It is well known that siver adds focus and transparency to the sound, which mixed together with Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) in the correct proportions adds detail to the sound picture which often goes unseen.

Swiss professional recording engineers have praised the tonal quality as being clear and transparent. The cable uses 76 pure silver cores, silver wires and OFC, which is very rare among audio cables.

Technical data

  • Conductor size - 2 x 1.76 mm²
  • Conductor material - Pure Silver wire, silver plated wire, OFC
  • Conductor details - 7 x 0.32 mm
  • Terminals - RCA - Rhodium plated, XLR - Gold plated
  • DC Resistance - Less than 11 Ω / km
  • DC Shield resistance - 300 V /1 min.
  • Shieled - 16 x 10/0.1 mm
  • Insulation - Polyethylene, PVC
  • Cable diameter - 10 mm
  • Cable length - 2 x 1.0 m