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The new Ortofon Reference Interconnect cables Series is designed and manufactured by Ortofon Japan

Each of the new Reference series cables has its individual sonic expression:

- The Reference Red is an all-purpose, decent, but not too expensive cable that would be a great addition to any audio equipment. The sound is relaxed, warm and dynamic with high resolution.
- The Reference Blue is a dynamic and high-resolution cable that reveals detailed reproduction throughout the spectrum.
- The Reference Bronze has an astonishing wide-range, clear and neutral sound.
- The Reference Black is a new generation reference audio cable par excellence with a well-balanced, neutral and precise sound.

Reference Blue.jpg

Ortofon Reference Blue cable

4N HiFC (High performance pure copper) combined with 4N OFC (Oxygen-free copper) in the correct proportions ensures transparent and stable wide-range sound. The three bundles of the different conductors are placed in an equilateral triangle, hold into position and dampened by Halogen-free highly resilient elastomer material.
The original Ortofon gold plated RCA terminals feature a collet chuck mechanism, which ensures easy and stable connection over time, even when connected and disconnected many times.

• Cable capacity: 360 pF/m
• Cable length: 1.0 m or 1.5 m
• Terminal type: RCA
• 2 pieces per set


Ref Blue cable cut.png

Reference Blue technical configuration

① Signal conductors: OFC (Oxygen-free copper) Ø 0.18 mm × 20
② Signal conductors: OFC (Oxygen-free copper) Ø 0.12 mm × 30
③ Signal conductors: HiFC (High performance pure copper) Ø 0.08 mm × 49
④ Damping material: PE Ø 1.4 mm×4
⑤ Shield: Aluminuim tape
⑥ Shield: Braided 4N OFC Ø 0.12 mm × 8 × 16
⑦ Insulation: Halogen-free highly resilient elastomer
⑧ Insulation: Braided nylon fiber
⑨ Cable diameter: Ø 8 mm
⑩ Damping material: Enhanced chemical fiber (proprietary material)
⑪ Insulation: PE