Reference SPK Bronze

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Reference SPK Bronze


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Announcing a new generation of Ortofon Reference Speaker cables, designed and manufactured by Ortofon Japan

Ortofon Reference SPK Bronze 

With its four separated wires, where each is made of a perfect mix of Pure Copper Ultra High Drawability (PCUHD), HiFC (High performance pure copper) and OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), this cable is optimized for either bi-wiring or for combining the wire two by two, to double the conductor area. This lowers the impedance of the cable, which responds faster and thereby sounds more clear and neutral in the entire frequency span. All four wires are surrounded by a high density shield to eliminate environmental noise from other kinds of electrical equipment. 
The SPK Bronze has an astonishing wide-range, clear and neutral sound. 

Technical data

  • Conductor material: Pure Copper Ultra High Drawability (PCUHD), HiFC (High performance pure copper), OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)
  • Conductor size: 2 x 1.27 mm2; 2 x 1.28 mm2
  • Cable diameter: 9.0 mm 
  • Conductor resistance: 15 mΩ/m
  • Insulation resistance: AC 500 V/min. 
  • Shield: Copper braid, 16 x 9/0.12 mm
  • Insulation material: High elastic elastomer, Polyethylene 
  • Cable length: 40 m/roll