Do you remember the sound of originality?

Maybe you didn't notice it, but the performance of your vinyl distorts over time and is losing its original sound. 

Distortion happens when a stylus becomes worn out or dirty and can cause significant damage to your collection. Luckily, this is only hypothetical IF you remember to keep an eye on and take good care of your vinyl. By replacing your stylus at regular intervals, as well as keeping the stylus and record clean, you ensure that your precious vinyl's condition is maintained over time. 

Worn styli

Prolonged usage of worn styli results in flat area on the diamond which cause siginificant damage

When a stylus is used beyond the point of its intended lifespan, it begins to develop flat areas, which can cause damage to the record grooves. This results in a significant and permanent loss of fidelity as well as an increase in surface noise. Contrary to belief, stylus wear is not possible to see under a microscope without laboratory grade equipment. 

The image on the left shows two types of diamonds. On the left is a fresh stylus with no wear, versus a severely worn one on the right. 


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