Ortofon is a unique mixture of heritage and modern technology

We preserve our heritage by continuously investing in technology and product development and thus introducing new cartridges. It is our philosophy that even a traditional product like the cartridge can benefit greatly from new technology and industrial competences.

Our goal is to bring our products in the forefront of the technology field, in regards to materials, design, magnetic systems and everything the products comprises of.

View these awesome videos series explaining the technological prowess behind the Ortofon Exclusives phono cartridges production:


Episode 1 - MC Windfeld

The Ortofon MC Windfeld, referred to as the most tonally neutral, state-of-the-art, moving coil cartridge in the absolute high-end class, was developed in 2008 as a tribute to Ortofon’s then 75-year-old engineer Per Windfeld, who had for more than 30 years been a feature of the high-end culture.

MC Windfeld cartridge was designed by a team headed by Mr. Windfeld's successor, Leif Johannsen, the Ortofon's Chief Acoustics and Development . The cartridge bears Mr. Windfeld's name - his initials "PW" are inscribed in gold on the cartridge's side.

Leif Johannsen, goes in depth of Per Windfeld's earlier design innovations, featuring the design elements of the MC Windfeld, such as Wide Range Damping (WRD) system and a strong neodymium magnet system with a Field Stabilizing Element (FSE) located within the magnet system.


Episode 2 - MC A90

The Ortofon MC A90 was launched in 2008 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Ortofon’s technical leadership in the audio industry.

This "Art of Science" phono cartridge carries with it the culmination of decades of research in the field of analogue sound reproduction along with the world's best engineering, materials and manufacturing techniques. The MC A90 made history by significantly raising the standard by which sound reproduction is measured.

Leif Johannsen, the Ortofon's Chief Acoustics and Development, goes into detail and demonstrates the benefits of the Selective Laser Melting manufacturing process, that lies at the heart of the MC A90. 


Episode 3 - Xpression

The Ortofon Xpression was launched in 2011. This modern high performance cartridge with a standard headshell connector bridges the gap between SPU-type cartridges and High-End cartridges designed for headshell mounting.

The Xpression provides a simple and elegant method of directly connecting the generator and tonearm via the Xpression’s one-piece body. The length of the cartridge ensures proper match with the SME-mount type tonearms, whilst the mass and compliance properties of the Xpression ensure that a proper match will be achieved with any SPU-compatible arm.

Leif Johannsen, the Ortofon's Chief Acoustics and Development, focuses on the design elements, high-end materials and the new technology applied to ensure the complete elimination of unwanted resonance and provide extremely high damping.


Episode 4 - MC Anna

Historically Ortofon has a long tradition of paying tribute to persons who have been highly influential within the high-end audio culture and in music culture and history in general. In continuation of this tradition, in 2011 we introduced the new MC Anna flagship cartridge.
The MC Anna is dedicated to the Opera Diva Anna Netrebko, a virtuoso whose performance displays a formidable technical arsenal of endless versatility. With the dedication of the MC Anna, Ortofon once again emphasizes the company’s unchanging commitment and devotion to the music and to the purest delivery of recorded sound.

In this video Leif Johannsen, the Ortofon's Chief Acoustics and Development, explains the benefits of using high-end materials (Titanium), advancements in technoly (SLM) and new design elements (non-magnetic armature). The cumulative result of these improvements simply delivers more lifelike reproduction, with nearly boundless imaging, dimensionality, and dynamics. 


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